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Nicolo' Ricci - Tenor Saxophone

Sun-Mi Hong - Drums

Emanuele Pellegrini - Piano & Synths

Alessandro Fongaro - Upright bass

Ambergris (uncountable noun) is a grease-like substance of the sperm whale's digestive tract that is used in the finest perfumes.


Ambergris is chosen here as this quartet's name as a metaphor of the product of the creative process of an artist, who is someone who can draw from a stock of experiences and emotions, collected throughout life, and create beauty out of it. The compositions performed by the band are a result of that process, they are ambergris themselves, a chaotic mass of stories, digested and reshaped into music. The band members have forged their special artistic and human bond through their long lasting experience together in several other bands active in the Dutch music scene.

Nicolò Ricci's "Ambergris"  is an up-and-coming international band by some of the finest musicians active on the Dutch jazz scene. The band's features are a strong interplay and empathy, a wide baggage of shared language, a nostalgic look back at the best creative expressions of jazz, alongside a powerul attitude for breaking musical boundaries.The music played by this band is a colourful set of original songs made of non-conventional forms, elaborate harmonies often

First Single out on NOV 19!

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